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Bethelís Online Resources

  Bethelís Photo Album Online
Bethelís community photo album with the children & Bethel associates (staff, volunteers & donors)

    Helpful Online Resources
     Online resources on Bethel, orphanages in general and the state of orphans worldwide

    Orphanage Volunteers
     Meet the volunteers that have been a great blessing to Bethel and continue to serve in various ways. Learn more about volunteer opportunities, share your experiences, etc.

    Snail Mail Pen Pals for Kids
     Meet Bethelís pen pal network. Bethel is currently unable to afford email pen pals since it lacks adequate computer facilities for the children. So snail mail interaction is currently the only way. Make friends with Bethel children and share some of your correspondence with everyone. Your mail can be scanned and sent as photo files or you can rewrite them into email format then send them to us to be published. Please mail them to our volunteer webmaster who will publish them.

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    Bethel Orphanage is a Zambian charitable organization among Christian charities caring for orphans, in Kafue, Zambia, Africa. In some African countries AIDS in Africa has increased the burdens of child charity organizations like Bethel Orphanage that help children orphaned from poor families. Orphanages have a challenge of keeping up with the growing numbers of orphans. Bethel is among African Christian orphanages in Zambia working to fight the AIDS orphan crisis. Persevering in the pillars of religious service & ministry: ďPure and undefiled religion is to care for orphans and widows in their distress," (James 1:27). Supporting helpless children through your child sponsorship outreach. Orphanage volunteers most welcome. Volunteering opportunities available at Bethel. 101 ways to support children.

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