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List of Zambian Charities Tips on Supporting Charities Mercy Mukosha Jodie Brown
Useful Info on Charities Famous Charity Quotes Mother Teresa Quotations Charity News

♥ List of Zambian Charities (Non-Profits/NGOs) ♥

1. List of Zambian Children Charities (Orphanages):

Zambia is grappling with the AIDS crisis with its extensive implications on orphaned children, families, and the country’s socio-economic structure.

Children Charities/NGOs Part 1:

* Child-Hope, Zambia 
* Chileleko Community School, Livingstone
* Blessed to Bless (B2B), serving Zambia
* Lubasi Home, Livingstone -Zambia 
* The Butterfly Tree, Mukuni Village, Zambia 
* Faith Orphanage Foundation- Zambia 
* St Nicholas Orphanage - Zambia 
* Hope for Africa International - Zambia 
* The Morrow Missionary family
* Kidz 4 Him - Zambia
* HELP Zambia (Chisomo Orphanage), Chipata
* Raise a Smile Charity, Lusaka, Chipata, etc
* Kabanana Care, Kabanana township, Lusaka
* CONTESA Charity, Zambia

* Contact us to add any Zambian charity

Children Charities Part 2:

* Flip Flop Foundation for Zambia
* Mpika Relief Fund, supporting Mpika Village of Hope Orphanage: @ 
* Agape Baby Care Centre - Zambia
* SOS Children's Villages of Zambia Trust or Click here for alternative link 
* Mercy Touch Mission International, Ndola
* Hope for Africa International, Lusaka
* Ubumi Children’s Project Africa, Kitwe
* Shane Perry Smith Christian Foundation, Chisamba
* Mercy Touch Mission International
* Mukuyu Outreach, Siavonga
* STAR4Africa, helps schools in Livingstone
* Lumba Ministries, orphanage, etc, Kasempa

* Contact us to add any Zambian charity

2. List of Other Zambian Charities & NGOs:

Other Zambian Charities Part 1:

* Habitat for Humanity’s Foundations in Zambia
* Zambia's Scholarship Fund -Educational relief program from primary school to university level.
* Micah Challenge in Zambia. Global initiative to mobilise Christians against poverty.
* Chiparamba Great Eagles Footbal Club, Lusaka
* Village Water Zambia, Western Province
* Project Concern International Zambia, Lusaka

Other Zambian Charities Part 2:

* Priscilla Schaufelberger Home of Abused Foundation, Lusaka
* Rising Fountain Development Program, Lundazi
* Shine Charity, Zambia -tackling child illiteracy
* Youth Press And Development Organisation, Chiliabombwe
* Kalusha Bwalya Foundation Trust -promoting youth football and HIV/AIDS awareness.

3. Other Useful Links:

* -Mark Elsis of shares some chilling statistics on hunger. Lots of other useful links -some a lil too political.

Click here to contact us & submit a charity website serving Zambia. Thank you for your labor of love. May God bless you.


List of Zambian Charities Tips on Supporting Charities Mercy Mukosha Jodie Brown
Useful Info on Charities Famous Charity Quotes Mother Teresa Quotations Charity News



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