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Zambia Business Books, Economics, and Management Books

1. Core Business Administration, Economics, and Management Books:

Zambia Investment & Business Opportunities Yearbook (World Investment & Business Opportunities Library), by International Business Publications USA (IBP Usa), 2008

Zambia Business Intelligence Report (Also titled Zambia: A Spy Guide) (NIS Business and Industrial Library), by International Business Publications USA (IBP USA), 2008

Doing Business and Investing in Zambia Guide (World Strategic and Business Information Library), by International Business Publications USA, 2008

Zambia Investment & Business Guide (World Investment and Business Library), by International Business Publications USA, 2008

Zambia Country Study Guide (World Business Information Catalog), by International Business Publications USA (IBP USA), 2008

Zambia Export-Import and Business Directory (World Strategic and Business Information Library), by International Business Publications USA (IBP USA), 2008

Zambia's Stock Exchange and Privatisation Programme: Corporate Finance Law in Emerging Markets (Studies in African Economic and Social Development), by Kenneth Kaoma Mwenda, 2001

The 2006 Zambia Economic and Product Market Databook, by Philip M. Parker, Paperback - 2006) (market potential analysis for various products and services in Zambia)

Investment Policy Review Zambia, by United Nations Conference On Trade and Development, Paperback -2007

Banking and Micro-Finance Regulation and Supervision: Lessons from Zambia, by Kenneth Mwenda, 2002

Zambia Banking & Financial Market Handbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library), by International Business Publications USA (IBP USA), 2008

Zambia Business Law Handbook, by International Business Publications USA (Ibp USA), 2005

Marketing in Zambia: A Practical Guide, by Gerry Finnegan, HEDCO, Dublin, Ireland: 1994

Executive Report on Strategies in Zambia, (strategic business profile on Zambia), by Philip M. Parker, 2007

Services Trade and Development: The Experience of Zambia (World Bank Trade and Development Series) (World Bank Trade and Development Series), by:Aaditya Mattoo; Lucy Payton, 2007

Salaula: The World of Secondhand Clothing and Zambia, by Karen Tranberg Hansen

Zambia Mineral & Mining Sector Investment And Business Guide (World Business, Investment and Government Library), by International Business Publications USA (IBP USA), 2005

ZAMBIA COPPER INVESTMENTS LTD: International Competitive Benchmarks and Financial Gap Analysis (Financial Performance Series) by Inc Icon Group International, 2003



2. Development Studies & Development Economics Books on Zambia:

The Quest for Technological Development: Constraints, Caveats and Initiatives, by Henry Kyambalesa, 2001

Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa, by Dambisa Moyo, 2009

The Burden of Zambia: A Blueprint for Emerging Zambian Leaders, by Charles Mwewa, 2008

Socio-Economic Challenges: The African Context, by Henry Kyambalesa and Mathurin C. Houngnikpo, 2004

Regional co-operation and imperialist penetration, a preliminary perspective of SADCC (International seminar series), by Mulenga C Bwalya, 1987

Zambia Economic & Development Strategy Handbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library), by International Business Publications USA (IBP USA), 2008

Zambia's National Development Plan: A Christian view, by Wilfrid Grenville-Grey (Out of print)

Zambia Privatization Programs And Regulations Handbook (World Business, Investment and Government Library), by International Business Publications USA (IBP USA), 2005

Aid and Poverty Reduction in Zambia: Mission Unaccomplished, by Oliver.S. Saasa, Jerker Carlsson, 2002

Foreign Aid, Debt and Growth in Zambia: Research Report 112 (NAI Research Reports), by Per Åke Andersson, Arne Bigsten, Hakan Persson, 2000

The Structural Adjustment Programme in Zambia: Lessons from Experience, by A. Mwanza, 1992

The Management of Urban Development in Zambia (International Land Management Series), by Emmanuel Mutale, 2004

Zambia: Public Expenditure Management and Financial Accountability Review (World Bank Country Study) (World Bank Country Study), by World Bank, 2004

Promoting and Sustaining Economic Reform in Zambia (Harvard Studies in International Development) by Bruce R. Bolnick, Fernando R. Fernholz, et al,  2004

Is there life after liberalization?: Transaction costs analysis of maize and cotton marketing in Zambia and Tanzania (Working paper), by Howard D Leathers, 1998


3. Social Entrepreneurship, Social Work, and Sociology Books:

The impact of cash budgets on poverty reduction in Zambia: A case study of the conflict between well-intentioned macroeconomic policy and service delivery to the poor (Policy research working paper), by Abebe Adugna, 2002

Distant Companions: Servants and Employers in Zambia, 1900-1985 (Anthropology of Contemporary Issues), by Karen Tranberg Hansen, 1989

Differential impacts of Zambia's macro-economic and sectoral policies on agricultural production by female and male farmers, by J. T Milimo, 1990

The Gender Dimensions of Economic Reforms in Ghana, Mali and Zambia, by Lynn R. Brown and Joanna Kerr, Paperback -1997)

The role of women in small scale pottery, bakery, oilseed processing, and fish processing in Zambia, by P. M Molotsi, 1994

Women's employment patterns, discrimination, and promotion of equality in Zambia, by R Bardouille, 1985 (Out of Print)

The incidence of child labour in Zambia (Serial), by Stanley Kamocha, 1997

The Development of Independent Cooperatives in Zambia (FAO People's Participation), by Paul Ojermark, Charles Chabala, 1994

Black and White in Southern Zambia: The Tonga Plateau Economy and British Imperialism, 1890-1939 (Contributions in Comparative Colonial Studies), by Kenneth P. Vickery, 986

Peasants and agricultural change in Northern Zambia: Report (Zambian SPRP studies), by Kristi Anne Stølen, 1983

Socio-economic change in eastern Zambia: Pre-colonial to the 1980s, by The Historical Association of Zambia, 1992

Maize Markets and Livelihoods: State Intervention and Agrarian Change in Luapula Province, Zambia, by Gun Michels Kokwe, 1998

Support institutions for small enterprises in Zambia and Zimbabwe (NEPRU working paper) by Dirk Hansohm, 1998 (Out of Print)



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