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Mainza Mathias Chona
Profile by Maidstone Mulenga

Mainza Chona: Zambian Prime Minister - 1973 - 1975 & 1977-1978

 No Zambian has held as many governmental posts as Mainza Mathias Chona. The famous Zambian politician and lawyer, was born on June 21 1930 at Nampeyo in Monze. The son of Chief Chona, he married Yolanta Mainza in 1953 and the two have two sons and five daughters. He went to school in at Chona School, Chiluni Catholic Mission, Munali Secondary School, and Gray's Inn in London.

He served as Member of Parliament for Livingstone 1964; MP for Mankoya 1968; Minister of Justice 1964; Minister of Home Affairs 1968. From 1969-70, he served in several posts as Minister for Central Province, Minister without Portfolio, Minister of Provincial and Local Government and later as Ambassador to United States.

He was Prime Minister from 1973-75 and again 1977-1978. In between he served as Minister of Legal Affairs and Attoney-General 1975-1977. In 1978 he become the Secretary-General of UNIP (the equivalent to vice president), serving until 1981. He went into private law practice from 1981 to 1984 before being named Zambian's Ambassador to China when he served until 1989. He served on several international congresses and committee including chairing the UN Inter-Action council of former heads of Government. He is the author of the novel Kabuca Uleta Tunji.


Maidstone Mulenga, Zambia’s First Cabinent



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