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Founded 14 years ago, CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA is one of the children’s development organizations in Zambia. We work in the Southern Province of Zambia in Mazabuka, Monze and Choma districts to alleviate poverty and promote child rights in order to raise them out of poverty and support inclusive education.

CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA works with families and their communities in the targeted districts in supporting the children. We offer our help to the children who need it the most-those living in the rural areas of Zambia. The organization is independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations.

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CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA. Among children develpment organisations in Zambia, Africa, helping underprivileged children, HIV/AIDS victims and fighting poverty in Zambian rural areas. AIDS in Africa has increased burdens of children development organizations like CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA that help children. In some countries AIDS in Africa has increased the burdens of children develpment organisations like CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA that helps orphans and vulnerable children from poor families. Orphanages have a challenge of keeping up with the growing numbers of orphans.

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