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Sponsor the Children at CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA

Children are available for sponsorship at: .The CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIAsponsorship program is bringing hope to many families. Most of these families are quite large. If you look at the bios of the children, they usually have a lot of brothers and sisters. Even if they have a small family, it is highly likely that their parents or caretaker are, also, caring for other children in the home. How does this effect the children and their education? It is extremely difficult for parents already living in extreme poverty to pay the school fees, buy the uniforms, etc for so many children!

CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA is now providing the children with HOPE of a future! They will be able to stay in school, with the help of sponsorship. I can tell you that the children are very aware of what is in store for them. When the staff went out to take pictures and get information, the response was overwhelming and receptive. I am excited for them because I can picture the smile they will have on their face when they get news that they have a sponsor!! These children have never been sponsored before, so I am sure they will be surprised by the letters of support and little things you can stick inside the envelope for them such as stickers, bookmarks (and we have several children whose favorite pastime is reading!), etc.

Now, on with the details of how to sponsor a primary student:

  • How much does it cost? $9 a month/ $27 per trimester/ $108 per year- You choose how often you want to pay, it all comes out to $9 a month.
  • What do the children receive from the program? A LOT! Health support which includes anti ring worms, malaria treatment, and several other treatments as needed
    • School uniform
    • School shoes
    • School bag
    • School Socks
    • Exercise books
    • Pencil, eraser, and ruler
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Soap
    • Body towel
    • Washing detergent
    • Tissue
    • Vaseline
    • School fees
    • and more!
  • How is sponsorship paid? First, you need to make sure the child you want to sponsor is still available for sponsorship. To verify that the child you would like to sponsor has not been taken, send an e-mail to Once it is verified that the child is still available, you will mail your check or money order to :

    Make a Change
    P O Box 847
    Anna, TX 75409

    Check and money orders should be made payable to Make a Change. You may pay monthly, or pay several months in advance.
  • Can I write to my child? Absolutely! The letters can be sent directly to Zambia:

    The National Co-ordinator
    Lotti House, 4th Floor Suite"M"
    Cairo Road, Northend
    P.O.Box 39481
    Lusaka, Zambia
    Tel/fax :( +260)211-221658
    Mobile :( +260)977773243

  • How do I know if the child is in primary school? The primary students are on the left hand side of the blog listed as "boy" and "girl".
  • Can the child have more than one sponsor? That is up to you! If you would like to share the child sponsorship with a friend, you would only pay $4.50 per month- or between 3 people- only $3 a month (yearly breakdown when shared between 2 sponsors is $54, and $36 per year when split between 3 people). However, we have to have all of the sponsors signed up at the same time or else there will not be enough funds to provide the child with all of the items and support mentioned above.
One last note, you will see that every child has a number. When requesting a child for sponsorship and sending letters, please include the child's full name and child number. Thank you for helping these wonderful children!"

For more details about the child sponsorship program visit:, or contact the Child Sponsorship Coordinator- Heather McLaughlin at

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CHILDHOPE Zambia, Africa
CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA. Among children development organisation in Zambia, Africa, helping underprivileged children, HIV/AIDS victims and fighting poverty in Zambian rural areas. AIDS in Africa has increased burdens of children development organizations like CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA that helps children. In some countries AIDS in Africa has increased the burdens of children development organizations like CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA that helps orphans and other vulnerable children from poor families. Orphanages have a challenge of keeping up with the growing numbers of orphans.

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