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Other Ways of Sponsoring children at CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA

1. Financial support,
2. Material donations (gifts in kind),
3. Administrative and technical support (including volunteer help),
4. Spiritual support (e.g. prayers, fasting, etc.),
5. Social support (e.g. linking CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIAís homepage on your site, referring site to others, etc.)

1. FINANCIAL SUPPORT (continued from previous page)
ii. Through Western Union:
By Western Union through: a) phone using a credit or debit card by calling a Western Union phone money transfer number posted online, telephone directory or elsewhere for your region, or b) online transfer using a credit or debit card, or c) by sending through your nearest Western Union agent or office.

   i.a) Phone using a credit or debit card
Western Unionís website, or your regional telephone directory Yellow Pages have an official number for making phone transfers. For example, in the United States it is 1-800-CALL-CASH (1-800-225-5227) nationwide.

  i.b) Online money transfer using a credit or debit card
This is through Western Unionís website, They require users to create an account at their secure server. This is probably intended to protect users from unauthorized use of their bank cards. A confirmation email will be sent to you and in many cases they may require you to verify your transfer by calling them using your official number that is part of your Western Union account profile. This may change after a while of using your account, since your records become more verifiable in their system.

   i. c) Through your nearest Western Union agent or office
Your financial support can also be sent through your nearest Western Union agent or office. A nearest location can be found online or in a local telephone book. An agent can be a store, salon, or any institution that is authorized by Western Union to provide their services.

In all three methods there is a transfer fee for each transaction, depending on the amount you are sending. Please use the our given address on the contact page for any other address details required.

A critical reminder is that please contact CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA after every money transfer you make. You can send an email or call. Without informing CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA, the funds will not be issued. The following are the details the collection office of Western Union will require from CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA:

*Full senderís name
*Amount and currency sent
*Test question used and answer to the test question (e.g. Name of a charity missionary? Answer: Mother Theresa)
*The assigned Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) by Western Union -usually an optional requirement

Please email the above details or call CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA after making a transfer with Western Union. It may be worthwhile to print this page.

iii. Wire transfer:
Another method of sending your support is thorough wire transfer. Unfortunately a lot of online scams have painted a bad picture about wire transfers. Otherwise wire transfers are convenient since they involve your bank and CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIAís bank making a transaction. You can speak to your bank official about how to make a wire transfer. Once you are familiar with this you can contact CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA to send you its account details.

iv. Coming in Person:
Whenever itís convenient please visit CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA and see all the areas of need youíd like to meet for the children. The CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA , like many local children development organisation is still struggling financially on critical day to day needs. Long term needs of higher self sustenance for the organization are slowly progressing. Many thanks to all the associates who are making this possible. God has been faithful in his care for the children through everyone thatís a part of his mission at CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA. May God bless you all for your support and partnership in service to the children.

Material charitable donations or gifts in kind include food, clothing, books, pencils, chalk, multimedia materials (e.g. TV, computer related resources, stereo, video player, etc.), car, bus and all other tangible, non-financial donations. These can be mailed to CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIAís address given at the contact page, or if possible, can be brought in person when visiting CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA.

CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA needs volunteers to help with day to day operations and also long-term mission needs. Volunteer charitable support implies that is unable to pay the valuable administrative and technical support it receives from volunteers. The organization is still financially incapable of compensating volunteers, leave alone effectively supporting the children.

Short-term operations include helping in any of the administrative or technical work that CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA staff handle. Long-term mission help include know how on the work of CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA . For instance, know how on childcare psychology, strategic management of child development organizations, IT, system administration of IT resources, website and internet related administration, donor relations, fundraising (including ventures in for profit areas like agriculture), and so on. For helping in website and internet related administration please contact CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIAís WebPublisher volunteer in this area, currently operating from the U.S.

Useful info for volunteers interested in visiting CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA
Please contact CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA on available areas for volunteer support and accommodation needs. Also do ensure  that you are familiar with visa requirements. Visa information is available from the Zambia High Commission office in your countryís capital city. The embassy has a website in most of the large countries. Zambian Website gives some details for visitors from foreign countries.

Volunteers interested in touring the Kafue National Park may need to also know timing on seeing the best of the game reserve. This link to the Zambia National Tourist Boardís website has some useful information.

Please note that tourism interests are at the expense of volunteers. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA staff can only be of use on the know how, being natives of Zambia. The organization also has scant resources to afford paying volunteers for their administrative support at CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA. Please ensure you have enough funds when arranging to travel. You can consult CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA staff, tour agencies and others on estimated personal needs. We thank you for choosing CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA in your mission outreach of charitable service.

Looking forward to seeing you or hearing from you.

Thank you, on behalf of the children, for your support. A sacrifice worth more than words can explain. Again, May God bless you for your support and partnership in service to the children at CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA.

ďAnd God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. As it is written: "He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor; his righteousness endures forever." 2 Corinthians 9:8-9.

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CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA. Among children developemnt organisation in Zambia, Africa, helping underprivileged children, HIV/AIDS victims and fighting poverty in Zambian rural areas. AIDS in Africa has increased burdens of children development organizations like CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA that help children. In some countries AIDS in Africa has increased the burdens of children development organizations like CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA that helps orphans and other vulnerable children from poor families. Orphanages have a challenge of keeping up with the growing numbers of orphans.

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