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Godfrey Miyanda
Profile by Eric Gondwe

Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda begun his early schooling in Kitwe at Kitwe Main School. He later attended Buseko and Kawama Primary schools in Kitwe. He later attended Katete and Munali secondary schools up to form five. He also attended a one year part time course in Business Management at Evelyn Hone College of Higher Education.

Professionally, he is a career soldier. He attended an officers course at Mons in Aldershot, England. He did further training at Hythe in Kent and another course at Warminster in England. He attended a Staff Officers course in Canada in 1968.

Professional Career
General Miyanda has attended several leadership courses and programmes. He has held several positions in the Army, including Platoon Commander, Emplaning, Intelligence Officer, Adjutant, Battalion Second-In-Command, Battalion Commander, General Staff Officer Grade One, and Colonel General Staff at Army Headquarters. His last position in the Army was Chief of Logistics. General Miyanda established the Zambia Military Academy, being its first

He is a trained Caterpillar Salesman, having attended intensive earth-moving science and sales courses in Nairobi, Kenya and Malaga, Spain. He learnt to operate most Caterpillar equipment. He is also a qualified Public Service Vehicle Driver. He has driven taxis and buses for a living.

1990: General Miyanda was dismissed from the army by Dr Kenneth Kaunda for involvement an alleged coup plot. He was subsequently cleared of all the charges.

1993 – 1997 Gen Miyanda served as a vice president in Dr Frederick Chiluba’s government. He subsequently served as Chiluba’s education minister, minister without portfolio and National Secretary.

From 2001 to date General Godfrey Miyanda is serving as president of the Heritage Party in Zambia. It was formed after his expulsion from the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in May 2001 for opposing the third term bid for President Frederick Chiluba.

General Godfrey Miyanda professes to be a  born-again Christian. He is married to Angela Miyanda. They have four children. General Miyanda is a native of Zambia’s Copperbelt province.

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