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Nevers Mumba
Profile by

Dr. Nevers Mumba is the former Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia. He is a man of passion with an intense desire to see his nation renewed and revived. His heart cry is to see his country freed from the tyranny of corruption which has undermined the nation in many ways.

Nevers Mumba was born on 18th May 1960 in the northern part of Zambia. His late father, Sunday Peter Mumba, was a school teacher and his mother Martha, a housewife. She still lives in Lusaka.

Although born in a remote part of Zambia, Nevers was privileged to attend one of Zambia's prestigious high schools—Hillcrest Technical Secondary School in Livingstone, a town named after the Scottish missionary, David Livingstone who discovered the Victoria Falls which is one of the eight wonders of the world. Nevers has played a leadership role all his life. In primary school he was the troop leader for the boy scouts, in high school he was the commander of the cadet force in the whole Southern Province, and he later started instrumentation at the mining institute in Kitwe, Zambia.

Zambia is the only nation on earth whose constitution officially declares it a Christian nation. As such, Dr. Mumba has a deep desire to see Godliness in leadership in his nation in all sectors. He is a firm believer in the power of mentoring and modeling Godly leadership so that future generations of leaders can be raised to move into positions of authority that will strengthen the nation. He formed the National Christian Coalition (NCC) in 1997 to champion the cause of morality and integrity in public office. His movement was later transformed into a political party called the National Citizens Coalition and served as its first president.

In 2001, Dr. Mumba was a candidate for president. He lost his bid for the presidency but remained active politically. The current president then appointed him as Vice-President in May 2003. He served in this position till October 2004.

During his tenure as Vice-President of Zambia, Dr. Mumba instituted key reforms including re-writing the national constitution to include a credible and open electoral process, genuine tolerance and acceptance of the freedom of descent in plural politics, a strong and vibrant civil society which rests both on responsibilities as well as rights and respect for human rights enshrined in a bill of rights particularly for women and children. As leader of government business in parliament (equivalent to the US Congress), he reformed the public relations sector of government making government more accessible to ordinary people and successfully helped to revamp the Agricultural sector.

Dr. Mumba is an international figure. He represented Zambia at international summits and effectively articulated his nation’s foreign policy at various venues. To many others, Dr. Mumba is known as founder and former President of Victory Ministries, an international ministry. His television messages were watched in several countries including Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, South Africa, Canada, and the United States of America.

Dr. Mumba holds an honorary doctorate from Flint, Michigan, and an associate degree from Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, Texas, USA. He is married to Florence and is the father of five children: Shumoel, Tehillah, Yehoshua, Micael, and Natasha.

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